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buy replica MONCLER Fall / Winter 2020 Genius Collection: A Collaboration Collection of Multiple Talented Designers

Moncler’s brand logo is a combination of the M letter and a rooster. The Moncler brand is divided into the following: “Moncler Gamme Rouge” and “Moncler Gamme Bleu” show brands, “Moncler Gamme Rouge” is a women’s show brand, creative director Giambattista Valli, held a show at Paris Fashion Week; “Bleu” is a men’s wear show brand, which was displayed at Milan Men’s Wear Week.

This year’s Milan Fashion Week, the replica moncler jackets series is also full of sincerity ~ twelve installation arts, twelve design concepts, twelve genius visions, different styles and combined efforts to build the core of Moncler Genius-“One House · Voices “

cheap moncler jackets announced the Genius strategy in February 2018. By constantly inviting guest designers to create their own personal collections, the integration of various fields is completed.

According to the Moncler brand, the Genius series has successfully increased Moncler brand awareness, online and offline traffic, and generated millions of euros in media exposure.

Moncler 2020 Fall Winter Collection

Maybe the down jackets that are worn by the whole world are too dull and boring, so the understanding MONCLER can always play new tricks, with a different taste is refreshing, for you to interpret the thousands of styles that belong to the down jacket.

moncler jackets for sale uk 2020 autumn and winter series in the electronic screen at the show site, the words “China Come” to help domestic epidemic resistance.

This season mixes all the outstanding works of designer Jonathan Anderson from the past ten years, using new technology to inflate past works, pleated shorts and knee-high boots convey a sense of weightlessness.

Through the huge scarf and the overall contrast color treatment, plus the concave-convex design of the down texture makes the entire series cute.

The vivid tones underline the dark background to highlight the visually stunning experience, full of power.

The uneven lines become a highlight, rid of the rules under urbanism, and redefine the wild nature of perverse.

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