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buy copy MONCLER grandiose new handbag, fluffy makes people want to lie down

Since Bottega Veneta launched the cloud-shaped bag in the chic fashion circle, fashion people have begun to like this soft, fluffy and soothing appearance bag. The release of the real “pillow bag” has always been a hot topic. This season, MONCLER Genius invited a new generation of designer Simone Rocha to participate in the collaboration series, and the “selling” fluffy bags seem to be catching up with this growing wave.

The MONCLER SIMONE ROCHA collaboration series was launched on May 7, using designer Simone Rocha’s signature romantic strategy, inspired by dance and rhythm, and using very thin tulle fabrics on jackets and decorations. More and more single products are covered with various violets, daisies, rose embroidery, embossing and printing, and crease and ruffle details are also widely used. At the same time, it retains the outdoor spirit of moncler jackets for sale uk and incorporates some dark elements with slight distortion and rotation.

For example, the large bags in this series look like “shumai” with padding. There are two plain styles in black and white, full of floral embroidery, drawstrings, folds and ruffles. The fluffy, huge appearance decorates the cute, entertaining, humorous and romantic style of the series, which makes people want to pinch and look.

MONCLER 2020 spring and summer main line series, with the theme of black and white simplicity, using light and chic smooth fabrics suitable for spring and summer climate change, elegant and effective lines and simple contours introduce the design to urban women in pursuit of low-key elegance. There is also a fluffy treatment bag, so the whole thing looks large and soft, and its large and square seam is regarded as a “ replica moncler bag “.

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